A Bookstore Date

There’s a particular feeling of dread deep in my stomach when I’m nearing the end of a good book and realize that my shelves are devoid of unread novels. As a commuter, these books are essential to my way of life and I refuse to go back to a time when I waste my 1.5 daily hours of El time staring at the Redeye, hoping that it will provide my brain with juicy bits to devour while knowing that it will not provide.

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Sushi Search: Chicago

Japanese sushi seafood

Here’s a selection of sushi restaurants I pulled up because I like research and not being bored at work. I’m focusing my search on byob so we can bring our own crappy sake or soju. 

Restaurant: Greentea Japanese Restaurant
Neighborhood: Lincoln Park
Pros: I have eaten here before. It is sufficiently crappy looking inside. The chefs were really legit looking japanese dudes with long hair. I remember that it, like all sushi I have ever had, was nummy.
Cons: It’s in Lincoln Park. But whatever, it’s not like there’s a forcefield around the place.

2206 N Clark St
(between Grant Pl & Sedgwick St)
Chicago, IL 60614 Yelp it.

Restaurant: Toro Sushi
Neighborhood: Lincoln Park
Pros: Seems like a cool small neighborhood place. Everyone on Yelp seems to know the chef by his first name.
Cons: the chef’s name is Mitch
2546 N Clark St
(between Deming Pl & Wrightwood Ave)
Chicago, IL 60614 Yelp it.

Restaurant: Coast Sushi Bar
Neighborhood: Bucktown
Pros: It has “decor” and “servers” (plural). Also it is in Bucktown.
Cons: Sneaky feelings. I distrust sushi restaurants, or any ethnic restaurant, with “decor” and more than one server. I also demand to see said server rolling silverware or drinking diet cola out of a big red plastic cup.
2045 N Damen Avenue
(between Dickens Ave & Mclean Ave)
Chicago, IL 60647 Yelp it.

Restaurant: Excellent Sushi
Neighborhood: Vancouver, between a whorehouse and a head shop
Pros: 22 pieces of sushi plus miso soup for $5
Cons: It’s 2000 miles away
www.I’msadnowbecauseI’mnotatexcellentsushi.corn Yelp it.

Restaurant: Shiso
Neighborhood: Near North Side
Pros: It has sushi and is byob. It’s closer to where Ryan and I work.
Cons: Sneaky feelings. Everyone who goes there is just glad that it doesn’t cost a billion dollars. The kind of people who use the term “Dive Bar” way too liberally.
449 W. North Ave.
(between Cleveland Ave & Hudson Ave)
Chicago, IL 60610 Yelp it.

Restaurant: Tampopo
Neighborhood: Lincoln Square
Pros: It’s called Tampopo
Cons: It’s far away and probably lame, plus I don’t want to go there because I want to go to Green Tea.
5665 N. Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60686 Yelp it.


Tonight I met a character named Dan. Dan was a friend of a friend, and based on every description I knew that hanging out with Dan would be a unique experience. That day I had done nothing but eat sandwiches and watch Continue Reading »

Here’s some stuff I’ve worked on in the past few years.  The stuff that I have access to, anyway.  The best place to view them is actually Twitch, a great website which lists all of the movies that I’ve worked on with Eric Lim, Niko Pueringer, and Sam Gorski.   I know very little about the technical side of blogging, so I can’t post them here myself.  One more thing that causes me shame in my daily life.

Dark Island

  • Production Designer
  • Key Makeup/Hair
  • Co-Producer
  • Casting Director
  • Insane overachiever.


  • Art Director
  • Key Makeup/Hair
  • Costume Designer

Zero Trooper F

  • Costume Designer

    Los Angeles

    This is where I am.

    This is where I am.

    Hello there! I’m currently in a fabulous apartment smack in the middle of Hollywood, CA. There are two days left in filming “Feed the Fish,” and I’m officially here in a professional capacity. Professional for two days, much earned vacation for the rest. If only it were sunny.

    I didn’t think I’d like Los Angeles. I had too many preconceived notions. I had spoken to too many actors who praddled on for hours about their diets, spf and bowel movements. About bottled water. Golden highlights. Yoga vs. Pilates. I assumed a total obsessions with one’s body and the things that go into it, nourish it and adorn it. I assumed it would be like my stay in the suburbs of Chicago times a zillion. Depending on who I speak to, I am and am not correct. If you ask people enough questions, you’ll get many different answers. None of which completely convey a real idea.
    First impressions: Los Angeles is a place. With people. Surprise! For the most part, the people are slightly cooler, slightly more beautiful than the average person. The streets are wider, and the restaurants are slightly hipper. I see more of the things that I’ve sought out in other cities. Ethnic restaurants in strip malls. Stripper supply stores. Hole in the wall drug stores. Middle aged men in expensive jeans. It’s all stuff I’ve seen elsewhere, just more of it. Like other places I’ve been to and lived, there’s plenty of stuff that isn’t “me.” But like other places that I’ve been to and lived, I just don’t see it. Cheers to a selective consciousness. And a nod to L.A.

    Filming Wrapped!

    The Wisconsin leg of filming for “Feed the Fish” has wrapped! No more standing for hours on the frozen Ellison Bay, no more sprained ankles and drippy noses. Off to LA on Tuesday! LaLaLand, here I come.

    Feed the Fish

    I’m currently working in snowy Door County, Wisconsin doing makeup and hair for “Feed the Fish,” the feel good film of the winter. I’m working with a mixed bag of great actors, including Katheryn Aselton of indie hit “The Puffy Chair,” Ross Partridge of “Baghead,” Michael Chernus from “Winter’s Passing,” Barry Corbin of “Northern Exposure” and “No Country for Old Men,”and Wisconsin native Tony Shaloub of “Monk.”

    I have high hopes for the film, which is full of charm, warmth, and a handful of good ball jokes courtesy of writer/director Michael Matzdorff.

    If I survive the cold, and avoid falling through the ice, I’ll report back with more juicy behind the scenes gossip.

    Fact of the day: Michael Chernus is a boring no-funster, and Barry Corbin can beat me at arm wrestling.